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JoiKid App encourages reading by utilizing innovative technology

With a variety of contemporary features, including Clipbooks, JoiCard, merged digitizing comics, and 3D graphics based on AR technology, JoiKid was thought to stimulate reading in children between the ages of 3 and 12.

The Clipbook feature has a lot of children’s books that have been digitally converted, mixed with engaging 3D visuals for more interactive, to invoke children’s curiosity and spark their enthusiasm for reading.

Each book in the Clipbook series, according to Mr. Nguyen Dinh Bao, CEO and founder of JoiKid, was displayed with sufficient dynamic graphics to grab kids’ attention, preventing it from turning into a YouTube animation.

Each book in Clipbook included a smart JoiCard option or a traditional paper book. Each JoiCard also features a QR code, which can be scanned with the JoiKid app to allow kids to download a digital book filled with animated pictures.

We also have QR codes on the covers of traditional paper books. When paired with Spark AR technology, this QR code, according to JoiKid, not only lessens the maximum restriction of fake books but also turns the graphics on books into 3D characters.

To get a connection to the book’s activation 3D function, you must utilize the QR scanning capabilities of your smartphone. The pictures in the book will be transformed into 3D animated pictures with interesting movement.


At the event introducing the JoiKid app’s reading-encouraging features, guests may also browse Doris Ong’s library of Bible 3+ storybooks. Children will learn delicate and intimate life lessons from the Bible 3+ tales that were vividly shown in the JoiKid app.

In addition, JoiKid has officially released the first few chapters of Thach Sanh Kid Story, a hilarious anthology of comics promoting an appreciation for Vietnamese history that was released by Tre Publishing in 2016. The updated version of it now includes cutting-edge technologies in Clipbook.

Source: Thế giới số

Author: Tung Nguyen

Publication year: 2020

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