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Amazing VR game challenger that drew a large number of players

The majority of those who took part in Dreamer Land’s “Smash the old year, welcome new year” event commented that it was highly humorous, unusual, and fascinating. It was Vietnam’s first competitor in a VR game.

Youthful with lots of smiles

“Smash the old year, welcome new year” is a VR challenge that starts on January 21 and runs through January 31. It focuses on the younger generation and uses a messenger to help participants let go of the bad, unlucky, and sad things from the previous year and recharge so they are ready to face 2019 with lots of energy and good fortune. With this enthusiasm and passion, Dreamer Land develops the unique game of Beat Saber as the challenger’s main game. Throughout the playing of the sword-dance, Beat Saber also produces humorous and calming moments.

Even though it was short-lived (only lasting 10 days before Tet Festival), Dreamer Land’s VR game challenger garnered a lot of attention and attracted many gamers to participate in this event at three of its locations: SC Vivo City (No.1058, Nguyen Van Linh Street, Tan Phong ward, District 7), Lotte Mart Go Vap (The ground floor, No.242 Nguyen Van Luong Street, Ward no.10, Go Vap District), and L (The second floor, No.20 Cong Hoa Street, ward no.4, Tan Binh District.) In order to create the exceptional and distinctive aesthetic for this one-of-a-kind competitor, Dreamer Land also collaborates with the intriguing Music Festival.

The pioneer of the new entertainment trend

Young people have become used to humorous challenges in recent years, which has created a trend that has caught the public’s attention on social media. And Dreamer Land continued this pattern by hosting “Smash the old year, welcome new year” in order to gauge the youthful population, particularly the gaming communities, for their reactions.

Even though VR is a new technology globally, this was the first time it was being challenged in Vietnam. Although virtual reality (VR) has recently become popular, the enjoyment offered by this platform is not widely used since the cost of the investment is too expensive compared to the income of gaming communities.

Especially, this was the first time that we had a VR challenge in Vietnam, even though it is new in the world. The reason is although VR became the trend in recent years, the entertainment of this platform is not popular because the cost investment is so high when compared with personal income of gamers communities.

Dreamer Land is the greatest choice and essential for gaming communities in order to provide players the possibility to fully experience VR. To assist players get to the vibrant VR environment, the Beat Saber challenge is also available for free.


Dreamer Land is the first and most professional unit in Vietnam to offer VR experiences after releasing its first branch in the latter part of 2017. In particular, the Dreamer Land location in SC Vivo City was regarded as the VR Center with the largest.


When organizing esports competitions on VR platforms in Vietnam, this center was also regarded as the leader and innovator in this field.  For the FPS Game Tournament in a VR environment, Dreamer Land did study and preparation.

Source: Báo Thanh Niên

Author: Hạ San

Publication year: 2019

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