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“Breathe life” to children’s books through technological applications

JoiKid JSC hosted a talk show with the theme “Breathe life to children’s books through technological applications” on November 7, 2020, in the morning at Ho Chi Minh City’s Books Street.

This discussion program was organized to inform parents, kids, and book readers about new tools and reading concepts, particularly for books about education and humanity.

Besides the traditional paper books, Vietnam’s publishing industry has introduced a number of book formats, including webtoons, audio books, and electronic books, all of which provide for great, engaging, and adaptable reading experiences. But none of these books are very kid-friendly or useful for children aged 3 to 12. And with so many entertainment platform alternatives available, books and comics are given minimal attention.

JoiKid education app has Clipbook feature that turned many popular children’s books into digital content and integrated them into our app. These books were designed in 3D and feature animated pictures, ambient sound, and voice-overs for each page.

Children can flip through books on the JoiKid app much like they do with paper books, which makes reading and studying in clipbooks more efficient and prevents inactivity like watching YouTube or Tiktok.

“The core content is still useful for learning,” according to Mr. Nguyen Dinh Bao, CEO of JoiKid. Making maths homeworks more adorable and simple to understand, for instance, would allow for the creation of digital content that might be utilized in books and comics as well as for learning and teaching in schools.

Source: VOH Radio

Author: Ngọc Bích

Publication year: 2020

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