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Tag: Education

JoiKid Education App

Releasing Day: September 2020 Application technology: Mobile app with augmented reality features. Although using mobile apps to study is not a new trend in education, and in Vietnam there are many programs available for learning English but very few playgrounds where children may exercise their general knowledge. Particularly the understanding

Traditional paper books and technological competition

PNO - In addition to competing with ebooks and audiobooks, traditional paper books today now do so with other modern forms. The mini-talk show's theme was "Reading culture and how to acquire news in social media" (hosted on 9th November, 2020, in the Book and Reading Culture Festival at Institute

Using technology to foster a love of reading in children

On the morning of November 7th, Ho Chi Minh City Books Street sponsored a JoiKid talk show with the topic "Breathe life to children's books via technological applications" in support of the launch of technology products that fosters children's love of reading.   The JoiKid education software, which was optimized

Technology has opened up new opportunities for publication.

By utilizing current technology, the stories of Bible3+ comics (Dong Nai Publishing) were presented in a vibrant and engaging manner. This is the possible and potential direction of the book market. Give children's books "life" By creating new reading tools and methods, JoiKid (a firm that created digital material and

JoiKid App encourages reading by utilizing innovative technology

With a variety of contemporary features, including Clipbooks, JoiCard, merged digitizing comics, and 3D graphics based on AR technology, JoiKid was thought to stimulate reading in children between the ages of 3 and 12. The Clipbook feature has a lot of children's books that have been digitally converted, mixed with