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Lost in the “Dream World” at the largest VR center in Southeast Asia.

Dreamer Land is not only the first dedicated VR entertainment center in Vietnam, with a total capital investment of over 5 billion VND, but it also attracted a wide variety of games and gaming hardware, making it a noteworthy gaming destination.

With the collaboration of several technology giants in the game industry, including Sony, HTC, Valve, and Meta, virtual reality has emerged as one of the technology trends attracting the most attention recently. Overall, the VR gaming business has met a variety of complex development needs and has evolved into a gaming ecosystem with huge and wonderful communities.

Users had to spend more than around 10 to 20 millions VND to experience virtual reality since the costs of the devices/systems for VR operation were still expensive compared to the usual standard. Due to this situation, VR gaming in Vietnam is still not very common. Most players expect the launch of VR gaming services with business models like iCafe.

However, investors were unable to participate in the virtual reality business initiative due to the high investment costs and lack of a pioneer in the industry. Or the VR experiences started to arise for usage by individuals in small companies and space. Therefore, the announcement of Dreamer Land – The VR Experiences Center’s opening in SC Vivocity, District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City became exciting news.

Dreamer Land has already demonstrated its desire to break ground and take the lead in the VR gaming industry after only two months of operations and an expenditure of about 5 billion VND. This center has more than 20 VR headsets, including the top models in this time like the PSVR (PS4 Pro), HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift (requirement 20 advanced PC system). Additionally, there are more than 20 different copyrighted games available at this site.

Dreamer Land expanded to become not just Vietnam’s largest VR experience center thanks to this investment.

Dreamer Land features three primary zones: the VIP room, the individual zone, and the versus zone (for a 1v1 VR game). And the price for experiences at this facility appears to be more expensive than the average price for gamers in Vietnam (the lowest is 240 million VND for 1 hour)


The experience fee was reasonable for gamers since they often play virtual reality games for a short period of time, according to Mr. Nguyen Dinh Bao, CEO of Dreamer Land (Some games require high intensity activities). Additionally, this center offered discounted packages so that visitors could travel together or get unique presents.

In the future, Mr. Bao claims, Dreamer Land will develop the 5v5 esport games and concentrate on hosting the professional esport competitions.

Source: Báo Thanh Niên

Author: Hạ San

Publication year: 2017

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