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An Giang Exhibition applying VR technology of SEENSIO platform

  • Client: The Investment and Trade Promotion Center of An Giang Province.
  • Deploying Time:
    • Chapter 1: November 09th 2021 – November 15th 2021
    • Chapter 2: November 24th 2021 – December 05th 2021
    • Chapter 3: December 07th 2021 – December 13th 2021
    • Chapter 4: December 23th 2021 – December 29th 2021
  • Applied technology: ¬†Immersive VR Experience

Tourism is suffering significantly as a result of sustaining the period of social isolation during the difficult Covid 19 epidemic in our country. In this instance, jK Technology and The Investment and Trade Promotion Center of An Giang Province collaborated to organize the VR Exhibition using the SEENSIO Metaverse platform.

Tourism sites, scenic locations, and the terrain of An Giang were realistically recreated in the large virtual reality area with the help of SEENSIO, the leading virtual reality platform and aiding advanced VR equipment. Among the exhibit’s featured objects are the biggest Maitreya Buddha statue on Cam Mountain, the Cow Racing Festival in the Seven Mountains Region, and the distinctive Palmyra palm tree.

Visitors may join using the SEENSIO app by going online and using a smart device to tour the exhibition space, enjoy the 3D experience, and follow the messenger 5K while still ensuring pandemic protection.


An Giang demonstrates the adaptability and the strategic vision when employing VR space in advertising and marketing for tourism in two chapters of VR Exhibition on the SEENSIO platform. The whole An Giang province’s scenic locales, historical sites, and cultural hotspots were faithfully reconstructed in the VR Exhibition. Visitors to the An Giang VR exhibition will get additional knowledge and experiences for their next trip to the Southern and Mekong Delta with the use of photographs, movies, and 3D objects in VR space.

With the first exhibition being a success and great feedback from the locals, SEENSIO felt incredibly proud to be chosen as the technology partner to help An Giang’s tourist sector recover after Covid-19.

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