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Technology has opened up new opportunities for publication.

By utilizing current technology, the stories of Bible3+ comics (Dong Nai Publishing) were presented in a vibrant and engaging manner. This is the possible and potential direction of the book market.

Give children’s books “life”

By creating new reading tools and methods, JoiKid (a firm that created digital material and applications for education) began to concentrate on publishing. Children’s stories similar to those in Bible3+ by Doris Ong are illustrated with adorable images to show how interesting the plots and stories are. The unique selling point of Bible3+ is the incorporation of advanced technologies that make these comic books more captivating and exciting and foster a love of reading in young readers.

Clipbook and JoiCard are two of the JoiKid app’s most popular features. Each page of the book was reproduced in 3D for JoiKid, along with several animated graphics, background music, and voiceovers. Additionally, kid readers may flip through and engage in more engaging activities, which increases the effectiveness of reading Clipbooks and prevents it from becoming as passive as watching videos on YouTube or Tiktok… The graphics were also created with just enough animation to grab kids’ interest without turning into cartoons. Besides that, smart JoiCards with QR codes are also available in Clipbooks. Children may get the digital edition book with the animated visuals by scanning this QR code. Kids are better able to connect with literature in a variety of formats as a result, and they are more motivated to develop their own libraries of books.

The use of cutting-edge technology to books helps bring children closer to the real world and farther away from smart devices and the internet, according to Mr. Nguyen Dinh Bao, founder and CEO of JoiKid. Traditional paper books were difficult to compete with other entertainment formats. Along with the Bible3+ comics, JoiKid is finishing the Thach Sanh child stories of Tong Tat Tue and Long Huynh, the humorous comics for promoting an appreciation of Vietnamese history that garnered the most interest in 2016. It was first published by Tre Publishing and has since been updated with interesting images using Clipbook and JoiCard technologies.

The adversary of fake books.

JoiKid app also provides readers with Spark AR technology. Users just need to point a smartphone camera at the covers or photos in books to see the intriguing animated visuals (no need to install a new software). Spark AR also aids in regulating the amount of books, selling channels, and analyzing the rate of book consumption. It also helps to keep unauthorized books to a minimum because they lack Spark AR effects.

According to Mr. Nguyen Dinh Bao, users such as children and their parents would scan QR codes for engagement and to feel the impacts in books to earn points and claim rewards. It is also a basic step to preventing the proliferation of counterfeit books.

The Reading Code app was just released by the Anbooks, and according to Ms. Ngo Phuong Thao, Director of this company, would assist in addressing the issue of fake books. But because this technology is so simple to replicate, it is also challenging to manage. The Reading Code app works by giving each publishing business the ability to learn all there is to know about their books. The publishing business can verify authenticators and change the contents (End-users and other Publishers can not do it). And it will make it difficult and decrease the production of unauthorised books.

However, there are not many readers who regularly use QR codes. It prompted the book publisher to launch further advertising initiatives to raise user awareness and foster habit formation. Publishers must also produce engaging information or offers of discounts in QR codes to promote use. Because readers have rights that should be protected in this QR code, they are not responsible for protecting the copyright of these works.

Source: Sài Gòn Giải Phóng

Author: Ho Son

Publication year: 2020

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