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Using technology to foster a love of reading in children

On the morning of November 7th, Ho Chi Minh City Books Street sponsored a JoiKid talk show with the topic “Breathe life to children’s books via technological applications” in support of the launch of technology products that fosters children’s love of reading.


The JoiKid education software, which was optimized for tablets and smartphones and is available for both Android and iOS, is the major discussion subject of the talk show. More than 15.000 parents have downloaded and trusted this program, which offers a variety of activities, practicing games, and educational books. JoiKid recently experienced a significant improvement thanks to its official collaboration with numerous well-known illustrators and artists of children’s books to produce engaging content, foster a love of reading in kids, and establish reading habits.

Bible 3+, a children’s Bible comic by Doris Ong, and Thach Sanh Kid (The children’s comic based on the fairy tales of Tong Tat Tue and Long Huynh, was published in 2016 by Tre Publishing) were two pieces of art that were introduced at this discussion program. Both comics were shown in a style called a “Clipbook,” which featured animated graphics, sound effects, and narration. Additionally, it has interactive features that encourage active learning in children rather than just passively watching videos on social media. To assist kids make the connection between real interactions and digital material, these comic books are especially packaged with a traditional paper book or smart JoiCards.

The founder and CEO of JoiKid, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Bao, claims that traditional paper books struggle to compete with other entertainment forms. JoiKid will assist in bringing cutting-edge technology to books, bringing children closer to reality than they would on the Internet. In addition to completing the Bible3+ comics, JoiKid is also finalizing the funny comics for fostering an awareness of Vietnamese history that attracted the most attention in 2016. These are the Thach Sanh children’s tales of Tong Tat Tue and Long Huynh that was initially released by Tre Publishing. Since then, it has been updated with intriguing graphics utilizing Clipbook and JoiCard technology.

Children’s books will also receive a lot of attention from JoiKid in the future, in accordance with the sharing vision of Mr. Nguyen Dinh Bao. This business will work with writers and artists to provide children with engaging and highly educational content.

Source: Doanh Nhân Plus

Author: Thanh Nha

Publication year: 2020

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