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Lexus VR Experience

  • Client:  Toyota Lexus
  • Deployment time: 2019
  • Applied technology:  VR Driving Experience

Toyota has been on a lengthy journey of upgrading, developing, and launching new Lexus models since the original Lexus model was released 20 years ago. Lexus emerged everywhere on the road in Vietnam, always had excellent sales statistics, and established the standard level of luxury automobiles.

When the application VR wave began to rise in early 2019, Toyota Lexus sought the appropriate technological partners for producing the Lexus VR experiences in the spirit of flexibility to new technologies. This was also planned to deliver genuine driving sensations in a virtual reality setting, as well as emphasize and develop Lexus automobile characteristics.

Out of several options for studio specialists VR (also rising wonderfully this time in South East Asia), Toyota Lexus chose jK Technologies to be the strategy development technology partner. Even though it was challenging and had a limited timeframe, jK Technologies eventually finished and launched the Lexus VR experiences, which is renowned as the first VR driving application in Vietnam.

Lexus VR also offered customers the chance to experience driving, taking the wheel, using the accelerator and brake pedals, and other driving-related activities that simulate real-world driving, in addition to designing the interiors and exteriors of Lexus cars.

This VR experience attracted a lot of interest and encouraged user participation in the Toyota Lexus VR Driving Exhibition.

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