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JoiKid Education App

Releasing Day: September 2020

Application technology: Mobile app with augmented reality features.

Although using mobile apps to study is not a new trend in education, and in Vietnam there are many programs available for learning English but very few playgrounds where children may exercise their general knowledge. Particularly the understanding of S.T.E.A.M., the current educational philosophy that emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

In September 2020, jK Technologies released JoiKid, an educational software for exercising general knowledge, for the iOS and Android platforms. Furthermore, JoiKid reached 20.000 users within 4 months of release and quickly rose to the top 2 trending applications on Google Play Store. Users of JoiKid have the choice to pick depending on age, grade, and also to assist parents in managing their children’s learning progress. JoiKid contains material that is created for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

With a desire for making learning fun for kids and guiding them toward knowledge via creative, humorous, and interactive methods, JoiKid has provided engaging experiences for kids that are neither hard nor boring.

JoiKid offers a vibrant and vivid user interface, and it also includes special features like getting prizes for learning achievements, an augmented reality element, and collectible cards. In addition, JoiKid created the Clipbooks library, which features animated visuals, audio, and flip interactions regarding well-known children’s books.

In the middle of April 2021, the Ministry of Information and Communications, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications, Publicity and Education Commission of Ho Chi Minh City, and Vietnamese Publishing Department hosted a seminar on “Reading Culture in Digital Transformation Trend”, where JoiKid had the honor of being chosen and introduced.

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