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Bamboo Capital VR Project

  • Client:  Bamboo Capital
  • Deployment time: In the first quarter 2021, this project is still developing.
  • Applied technology:  Immersive VR Experience

Bamboo Capital was established in 2011, and it is currently one of the most diverse corporations, with over 30 subsidiaries. Bamboo Capital’s Real-Estate sector features the most remarkable projects there. Bamboo Capital also built a number of large-scale structures that drew notice, including Casa Marina Resort, Casa Marina Premium… following the luxury and high-class lifestyles while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere.


Besides high-quality design/construction and project deployment, Bamboo Capital focuses on technology to improve visitor experiences and offer the greatest profits to customers. As a result, jK Technologies is honored to be Bamboo Capital’s technology partner in VR Experiences – Immersive in virtual reality real estate with the most authentic and interactive experiences.

VR technology is not new to the real estate industry at this time, but the VR experience at Bamboo Capital has been developed to a new higher quality, surprising visitors with the realistic visuals, lighting, and space. Visitors may also walk around the VR room at the Bamboo Capital VR residence, rather than only using a joystick. In addition, touch interiors interactions provide visitors with an immersive experience in VR application technology.

Following the success of the VR application for King Crown Infinity, Bamboo Capital is collaborating with jK Technologies to create experiences for future real estate developments.

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